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About Us





The Rossi Company was born over 90 years ago thanks to the brilliant intuition of its founder, Mario Rossi. On 1924 he decided to open in the historical city centre of Bologna  his first shop focused on the sale of  high quality products such as: umbrellas, parasols, gloves, travel accessorizes and gifts items.

Situated in the central Via Indipendenza, in an ancient palace owned by the church, the  Ditta Rossi gradually became appreciated not only by the city inhabitants but also by the “foreigners” who, while being introduced in the Bologna’s “ fine salon”, discovered a nice shop in the nearby of the prestigious Hotel Baglioni, the magnificent Sant Peter’s Church  and the famous “Due Torri” (the Two Towers).

The position proved to be strategic and the undeniable courage and strategic vision of the founder turned the “boutique” into the fashion shop, offering new high quality and exclusive products.  In fact, from the 1960’s clients can here find prestigious luxury brands such as: Borbonese, Dior, Chanel, Cartier, as well as  MissoniFendi,  Moschino,  Armani, Martin Margiela  and more over.


On 2014 the Ditta Rossi celebrated its 90th anniversary and while maintaining its allure for brand new quality products, a selection of fine vintage clothing and accessories was added.

An extraordinary collection of authentic hard to find  and sometimes unique items coming from important private collections, international auctions or the historic archive of the Rossi’s Family.  Clothings, handbags, suitcases, jewelry and more over can be seen and found in the Rossi Selected Vintage corner inside the historical shop of Via Indipendenza.

In the Rossi Selected Vintage corner you can find prestigious brands such as Hermes, Chanel, Dior,  Gucci,  Emilio Pucci,  Louis Vuitton,  Roberta di Camerino,  Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent and more over.

There, you will be welcomed by one of the Grand-Daughter of the Founder who will introduce you to her vintage world as well as guiding you with her style, passion and expertise in the world of the vintage scarves and jewelry. She will be glad to help you choosing a unique Hermes Carré or a Pucci’s scarf of the famous Palio’s collection as well as a Trifari’s bijoux of the 40’s or 50’s, or a masterpiece of Ugo Correani,  the famous Italian Jewelry Designer who collaborated with Versace and Chanel.

Being an amateur with a fine expertise of the vintage world, in 2014, the Founder’s Grand-daughter started a collaborative relationship with the Gucci Museum in Florence www.guccimuseo.com. This museum, housed in a 14th century building in the wonderful Piazza della Signoria honors the 90-year history of one of the world’s leading luxury goods brands.



What we Sell

Rossi Selected Vintage accurately examines the products in order to sell them in the best conditions, sometimes even new. The products are bought all around the world through a patient and passionate selection.

Each product is provided with a “Rossi Selected Vintage Guarantee Certificate” indicating the brand, the origin and, (whether  possible), the year of manufacturing. Each product has an accurate description of the condition of itself.

Rossi Selected Vintage uses its best efforts to combat counterfeiting or the sale of banned products, i.e. products infringing applicable laws and regulations on Intellectual Property.

What we buy 

If you think you could own a vintage product that could be interesting for us, please do not hesitate to bring it to our shop, or to contact us by e-mail.  In this case, we suggest you to send a picture of the product as well of the designer’s label and to give a precise and accurate  description of it and of its conditions.
We are interested and we buy only items in excellent conditions, that have been looked after and stored to still keep good looks and smell.
The items shall be original in all their parts and have original garments, buttons zippers etc., as well as belonging to the seller itself.
We buy products which are not infringing any applicable laws and regulations or third party-rights.  







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